About me

I was born in Mexico City. Son of Enrique Vega; Scientist, Professor, Writer and Elena Ortega export-import book administrator. Raced among books of Science and Poetry. As a little curious boy I swallowed all those books of physics and Poetry. I did´t understand the exact meaning of everything (I still can´t) But I learnt both arts could describe in Poems or Mathematics symbols the Universe. It was until I Graduated as physicist that I knew the entire nature of our existence couldn´t be explained at all, not in a complete way.


As scientist I began my research on matching Physics laws with market laws. My research lead me to the invention and development of algorithms that could predict NYSE index in a very accurate way. Money was everything in those days. I used to spend a lot of money in dinners and watches. I traveled all the world and hedonism was the main rule. The more expensive the car was the better. But even when I had all those material things there was a big hollow in my soul. I couldn´t explain how come I wasn´t happy.


It was when my greed and selfishness finished in the painful process of Divorce that I realized money is nothing compared to the richness we can find in giving ourselves. Putting our hand on the service of others: My family, a stranger giving a smile to a sad face. All my cars and watches could never save my matrimony or give happiness to my children. Not even give me any smile or joy. I immediately stopped to travel to make money and started to write. I don´t know exactly the reason of that change, sometimes I think it was my father talking to me. it was a great epiphany when I learnt that everything we do, echoes in the people arround us; in our enviroment; in our future.

When I began to write I also decided to use my knowledge to help people instead of sucking from people (trading futures in Chicago. How wrong I was).


I watched a video of Wayne Dyer in youtube that really had an impact on me and my toxic behavior the video is: «The power of intention». He said so many extraordinary things during those beautiful minutes but I kept with the idea of helping like a kind of redemption.

I registered my first patent. The invention helps people with legs incapacity to drive a car in a very smooth and secure way. I felt so good, there wasn´t money or big profits. I didn´t care about those things I just wanted to help the patent is public domain.

Two other inventions came after: A system to quit smoking; A system to save water in the shower. Finally that gap that big hollow in my heart was healing. Finally I was giving my self to the service of others.

During all that process I never stopped writing.


It was a few months after I separated from my ex-wife between a lot of alcohol and depression when a good friend of mine suggested me to write in letters my feelings and get rid of my anger. I started those letters and in a kind of ritual burnt them at midnight. One of those nights howling like a wolf I read again one of those letters and I thought: «Hey this is not that bad» It was the poem «34» my first book had begun.

Writing became my passion and poetry the best way I could express my experiences. I was coming back to my early days with my mother and father reading poetry and sniffing in my father´s essays.

Something beautiful happened the next months, apart from the epiphany of «giving». I was transforming my self from my own words. Finally I was ready to forgive my self and become the father I should. Peace with my ex-wife was very natural everybody arround me saw the difference.

Writing was not only the way to express my pain but also a healer path.

But never took all those books in a serious way. It was until my aunty Elsa read my first book that I started to re-think about publishing. I remember she called me to her house and invited my to dinner as soon as we finished she took the manuscript out of her coat and with a hand in my head she told me: «You have to share this». She came back to her dormitory (she is arround 80 years old) in very slow steps I didn´t know what she was talking about. She came back to the table and gave me 20 dollars in my hand, She said: «Register the book».

These days I am very happy with a beautiful woman on my side with a very good relationship with the mother of my kids and starting new projects! I feel blessed.

– Arami –

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