Seven Poems Trilogy

A great journey to reach happiness.

There is a teacher only when the student is. We can learn from everything we can get a lesson from everybody. Watching a river, the sky a bird. Hearing every circumstance we live, every person arround us we can learn from them too. But our pride, ego, low self-esteem obstruct our vision, close our ears.

I used to laugh when hearing the phrase: “Behind a crisis there is an opportunity”. As a scientist I knew a lot of human discoveries came from accidents or crisis. So, my definition about crisis was a very mathematic issue or in a far scenario a history lesson.

But divorce came and with it: Separation from my kids; Humiliation; Self-flagellation. During those hard days, Writing was an extraordinary encounter.

It changed my perspective about life, love and God. That change has been printed in poems.

Snapshots of my encounters in Argentina

Letting go a toxic relationship. learning that the only source of happiness is one.

It was when finally I had lost everything. That an epiphany crashed in my mind. I swear I heard a crack in my brains when it came it was so astonishing, the moon could listen mi thoughts and oceans of time arrived at the same time.

I married in Argentina and had my children there. Bought a farm and my house. All my family and friends were my ex-wife family. When I decided to divorce all of them turn their back on me. Besides I lived in a very small town and everybody stopped talking to me.

The war began and my attitude wasn´t positive it was very aggressive and violent.

I tried everything to get over the pain and anger. Took therapy, Read books, Date; Alcohol. It was until a good friend of mine suggested me to write in letters my ideas and emotions. Burn them he said. Few days later I was writing poems and the full trilogy crashed on me that day.

Lots of alcohol were drinked that day a big fire testified my wolf howlings. I knew exactly where I wanted to be. I wanted to be happy. Seriously happy, Money didn´t work nor the luxury and fancy cars.

The first thing to do was to watch the death of those seven bad habits. I even planned my trips, it really was a nice plan. The next book had to be written in Mexico.

My encounters in Mexico

The book is about letting go my ego. Arriving to Mexico there was a lot of confusion. After graduating I started my business with my best friend and started to travel all arround the world and started to make a lot of money. I was only 23 and before that I was 19 when I went to the university. Coming back to Mexico City was very hard.

I didn´t know the manners. Everything was very strange and people super aggressive (what a vision The aggressive was me) I couldn´t understand many things. My country can be a very complicated place to live only if you block yourself.

That was the lesson I used to think I am better than this or that guy. I could do better that tower that device. I am the best. My ego was blinding my vision.

I started dating an extraordinary girl who I had been in love for decades. I had a very and deep attraction to that woman even before I married. Finally I was dating her. But then again my arrogance blurred my eyes its hands tightened my nose ending with losing that opportunity.

The same day I lost my job as English Teacher. I honestly thought I was better than my supervisor and made things and teaching protocols under the idea “I am right the rest is wrong”. One of those days I even told a student: “If you don´t learn English is because you have no discipline or self commitment. You will be a loser all your life”.

So much to learn. I knew and attract many positive things to my life. But so many other lessons had to be learn and a lot of garbage to be thrown.

It was time for writing again. Seven masters was a beautiful experience. When I finished it I knew Spain had to be the next stop for a white cat.

Encounters with my Angel

Graduated as physicist with a master in control engineer. At the age of 23 I had my fancy car. Houses in two countries and I used to travel to middle east and Europe just for fun.

I decided to make a life in Argentina and after divorce in a couple of months all was lost. Alcohol and arrogance were my enemies.

Alone in a small and nasty room with nothing but beer in my fridge and ashes of Cigarettes on my face. A book arrived to my life. I don´t know when did I download it. I just remember the .pdf was opened in my mobile. An angel had touched me. It chooses words to approached me.

It talked about seven universal laws and the way all things interact with us. White cat was born, even before black or gray. White cat was there and I had to write that book. I knew my “whys” my “Hows” would arrived eventually.

I am starting a kickstarter campaign to publish the first book of this trilogy. I hope you enjoy it. Support.

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